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Latin America Postdoctoral Fellow, Impact Malaria

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The Postdoctoral Fellow will be the focal point for UCSF’s Latin America work and will support the Primary Investigators in all aspects of the project. The Postdoctoral Fellow will also be responsible for working in close partnership with the implementing partner(s) in Latin America to help oversee the study by providing key logistical, technical, partnership, and administrative support to ensure the overall smooth facilitation of the study. The Postdoctoral Fellow may be asked to support additional IM projects or other USAID funded workstreams.

Call for Consultants: Malaria Budget Advocacy Scoping  
(Two positions: one in Vietnam and one in Cambodia)

The Malaria Elimination Initiative (MEI) at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) is working in partnership with the national malaria programs in Cambodia and Vietnam as they pursue malaria
elimination. Both countries have made tremendous progress toward reducing morbidity and mortality associated with malaria in recent years and are on track to achieve elimination by 2030. However, both countries are undergoing significant transitions, including changing epidemiological dynamics and changes in external donor support for the malaria response.

The UCSF MEI Sustainability portfolio aims to support countries in building a resilient and sustainable malaria response for successful elimination and prevention of re-establishment. The MEI Sustainability Model includes two complementary country-level approaches:

  • Approach 1: Transitions: Build country preparedness to transition from donor to countryfinanced programs.
  • Approach 2: Malaria Budget Advocacy: Strengthen domestic financing for malaria through subnational leadership and advocacy.

Under the Sustainability portfolio, the MEI has already initiated support for Transitions—Approach 1—in Cambodia and Vietnam in 2020. In early 2021, MEI will be scoping opportunities to determine the
viability of impact and country buy-in for Malaria Budget Advocacy (MBA)—Approach 2—in both countries, as a complementary workstream. The MBA approach is designed to mobilize domestic political will and financing for malaria, in particular through strengthened sub-national leadership and advocacy. To date, MEI has worked with national malaria programs and key partners in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Namibia to support collaboration between local elected officials and public health officers, prioritize malaria elimination and prevention of re-establishment on policy agendas, and secure sustainable financing from local budgets for malaria.

The MEI is hiring two consultants to support MEI’s Sustainability team in scoping opportunities to partner with Cambodia and Vietnam in implementing MEI’s Sustainability Approach 2: Malaria Budget
Advocacy (MBA). The scoping consultant will be responsible for liaising with the malaria programs and leading the landscape assessment of domestic financing and advocacy needs, budget policy/planning processes, sub-national financing and leadership opportunities, and engagement of relevant stakeholders and partners to inform the scope and strategies for possible MBA country engagements in Cambodia and Vietnam. The Consultant will work closely with the US-based MEI advocacy team and will provide valuable incountry access and informed perspectives to shape the country strategy, in collaboration with key country stakeholders. Specifically, key tasks will include:

  • Provide a landscape of available financing for malaria, domestic financing channels for health, and gaps/opportunities to build capacity in managing, proposing and advocating for strong domestic budgets at sub-national level
  • Facilitate communication between the national malaria program and MEI
  • Conduct key informant interviews of relevant stakeholders to identify opportunities to strengthen domestic financing, particularly at sub-national level, including with other Ministry of

Health stakeholders, donors, and implementing partners

  • Identify key opportunities for intervention and partners best positioned to support implementation (at national and/or sub-national levels)
  • Engage with and coordinate key stakeholders to build relationships and secure buy-in for the MBA approach, liaising with MEI’s parallel country support engagements on Transitions
  • Provide strategic guidance to MEI staff on opportunities to advance MBA work 
  • Once the scoping is completed and the rationale for country MBA support is validated, the MEI

may extend the consultancy to:

  • Convene a multi-stakeholder workshop to identify and secure consensus on the MBA objectives, relating to the opportunities identified during scoping
  • Develop and validate a Theory of Change and advocacy strategy reflecting country stakeholders’ priorities.

We are seeking the following skills and experience:

  • Prior work or engagement with the national malaria program or other agencies and organizations active in the malaria response in Cambodia or Vietnam
  • Access to and/or relationships with senior-level government officials, policymakers, and other health/development implementing partners and donors
  • Advanced understanding of Cambodian or Vietnamese political structures, health policy and financing structures, including health system administration, health financing sources/flows, and governance systems related to decentralization and budget cycles
  • Experience in developing strategic partnerships and designing global health/development program strategies
  • High level of ability in spoken and written English is required; it is preferred that the applicant is also fluent in Vietnamese (Vietnam consultancy) or Khmer (Cambodia consultancy)
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Strong computer skills, including experience with Microsoft Office software including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
  • Excellent team player with strong interpersonal and communication skills, as well as ability to work in a multicultural environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity
  • Ability to work under minimal supervision, independently as well as in a geographically disparate team setting, with a high level of resilience 
  • Ability to establish priorities, manage multiple high-priority tasks simultaneously, and work within tight timelines


  • Previous experience in the development of theories of change and policy advocacy strategies
  • Advanced knowledge of domestic financing for health issues and approaches


  • Minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree in public health, health services, or related field; master’s degree preferred

The consultants will be required to work from their home country (Vietnam or Cambodia). These two vacancies are part-time positions, each estimated at 50% LOE for the 6-month period. From
January to March 2021, the consultants will focus on conducting landscaping and partner consultations; from April to June 2021, they will coordinate convening of an advocacy workshop and development of an advocacy strategy. There may be possibility for extension beyond June, contingent on future funding.

Please submit your CV and a cover letter detailing your expertise and prior experience to Sara Rossi at sara.rossi [at] Please indicate which country you are applying for, and additionally indicate your earliest availability. The cover letter should clearly indicate how your experience and qualifications make you a suitable candidate for this position and should include the preferred daily professional fee in USD. The application deadline is December 18, 2020.nclude their proposed daily consultancy fee and availability.