Global Health Group and partners release the Elimination Scenario Planning tool manual

This World Malaria Day, the UCSF Global Health Group is proud to announce the release of the new report, "From Malaria Control to Malaria Elimination: A Manual for Elimination Scenario Planning" co-produced with partners at the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Imperial College London, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Southampton, and WHO.  The Elimination Scenario Planning (ESP) tool was designed to help national malaria programs assess the feasibility of achieving elimination through an evaluation of their malaria burden, existing and potential levels of intervention coverage, and available financial investment. The ESP tool is applicable to programs at any stage along the path to elimination, and can be used to consider different scenarios under which elimination can be achieved by using different combinations of strategies and interventions.

The ESP tool was first piloted in Zanzibar in 2009. It was also used to assess the feasibility of eliminating malaria on the island of Hispaniola in 2013.