Malaria Genomic Epidemiology Postdoc (multiple positions)

Information (PDF)
A consortium of academic partners is inviting applications from highly motivated candidates for postdoctoral positions at the Experimental and Population-based Pathogen Investigation center (EPPIcenter) at UC San Francisco, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, or Imperial College. Ideal candidates will have experience with modeling and/or genomic analysis and will study the transmission of malaria and apply genomic use cases using data from a large malaria genomic epidemiology project in southern Africa. Successful candidates will have the option to be based at one of the three institutions in alignment with research interests and benefit from a rich and interdisciplinary research environment, working closely with Drs. Bryan Greenhouse (UCSF), Amy Wesolowski (JHBSPH) and Robert Verity (Imperial) as well as a diverse and international team of collaborators.